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Roasting Chickens & Turkeys Perfectly Every Time!

Roasting Chickens & Turkeys Perfectly Every Time!

Yes it can be done... every single time!

Is there anything more satisfying than the aroma of a chicken or turkey roasting?  Roasting them is the simplest thing in the world and really super low maintenance too!  Yes! It’s true… low maintenance. 

First rule - throw out your baster - you know the one that squirts liquid all over everything EXCEPT the bird? Ya, that one.  I never ever, ever baste and they are without fail gorgeously golden brown. 

Want to know the trick?  It is dead simple… no fancy recipe or lengthy involved techniques...

slather it with mayonnaise…

a really nice quality one like Hellmann’s, then season with your blend of choice (I’m a big fan of salt, pepper and sage)

Stuff a halved lemon, a halved onion and some garlic cloves inside and toss it in the oven, uncovered,

and the most important bit (well after the mayo:) just leave it alone…

literally, leave it alone and let it do its thing!

The only time you may find you will have to interfere is if your oven cooks unevenly (and most do!) so you may want to spin your chicken or turkey part way... don't make a big production of it... seriously, just spin it one half turn then close up your oven to preserve that heat. You'll know if your oven cooks unevenly if you can see that one side of the bird is lighter than the other.

So now you know the trick!  So simple and so effective!