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An Afternoon with Cataline of Halfway Homestead at EK

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Come and learn the wonders of the humble chicken.  Pasture raised right down the road in Lunenburg at Halfway Homestead owned and farmed by Cataline Sadaba.

You'll learn all about her process (and adventures) of raising chickens, how to properly dress, deconstruct and use in a multitude of delicious ways.  We'll create a few of those dishes together and enjoy them with a splash or two of wine!

A bit about Catline herself in her own words!

"I grew up on Hamburger Helper and fish sticks. When I moved away to college, I lived in Toronto where you have every kind of take out food at your fingertips and eating out is a way of life. For most of my adult life I worked as a personal trainer and fitness coach, teaching people about nutrition and lifestyle choices. Meanwhile, I ate 7 power bars a day. I was totally disconnected from food.

I always studied food and nutrition for my job and was inspired by a few books to learn how to make a few dishes, but mostly my idea of a homemade meal was a plate full of fruit and cheese and crackers. It may have been some book I read-talking about sugar and how it’s in absolutely everything-that prompted me to start making things from scratch and experimenting with sauces and dressings (which are still some of my favourite things to create).

I am still not sure why, but at some point I found myself, almost 30 years old, leaving my personal training career behind and working for organic farms. I worked with some fiery women that taught me how to grow vegetables, can, cook, render fat and use every part of the animal and vegetable to its fullest. I raised pigs, cows and thousands of birds, learned to harvest vegetables I had never even heard of, but most importantly I understood what it meant to be connected to food.

Even when I returned to being a fitness coach, I knew I would go back to farm in some way, later in my life. Like most people, the pandemic shook me upside down, and I now find myself as a full time farmer and “halfway homesteader” raising birds and laying hens and growing vegetables on my very own 46 acre farm!! I still have the bones of a fitness instructor and love teaching people and empowering change in their lives.

I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge of cooking from scratch with you. Simpler food just tastes better, even a meal that doesn’t turn out quite how you want gives you satisfaction and information for the next time.

Making my own food has made me a better person in so many ways and I truly believe everyone should learn to cook!"

Saturday November 12th - 1 - 4 pm

$80 per person - price includes 2 courses + 2 glasses of wine - 19+ please

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