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Fraser Creek Pizza Farm Nov 3

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Laura White
Laura grew up in a small town in south, central Minnesota. She lived 1 mile from her century
old family farm, Fair Acres Stock Farm, that consisted of beef cattle, hay, alfalfa, soybeans and
corn. Her family’s adventurous spirit led them to work overseas, including, but not limited to
Jamaica, Chile, United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan which led her to travel and work in
Afghanistan, Argentina, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Russia, Brasil and Dominican Republic. After
completing her master’s degree at Oklahoma State (Go Pokes!), she went on to work at a large-
scale agricultural trading company which led her to find her Canadian sweetheart in São Paulo.
As their postings were coming to an end, they agreed to find a property in South Glengarry and
work towards opening a self and locally sustainable pizza farm. It was one thing to try and open
a pizza farm, but being shut down for two years really solidified the importance of growing and
using their own and local food stock. The pizza farm consists of 65 acres, with about 10 acres
for hay fields, five for structures and the remaining forest. Livestock include: Kevin, the main
peacock, two peacocks(hens), turkeys, laying hens, a cow named Agnus and her calves Toonie
and Francine. Within the past two year, they have added a permaculture plot, which consists of
many different tree/shrubs species: apple, plum, cherry, haskaps, currant, gooseberry, comfrey,
horseradish, coneflowers, mulberries and hazelnuts. With the idea of permaculture, everything
on and in the land must serve at least three purposes, a few to name: provide food, pest
control (chickens), shade, nitrogen (seaberry and locust) and beauty.

Dareck White
Dareck grew up working on a dairy cattle farm, milking, maintaining the livestock as well as
cutting, raking and baling hay and alfalfa. This hard work ethic grew into working hard at
everything and learning new things which included languages. Because of his desire to learn
languages, it afforded him the opportunity to work in Thailand, Colombia, Brasil, Paraguay,
Uruguay, Argentina, Cuba and Dominican Republic. Knowing he wanted to go back to his roots
in agriculture, he and his wife found South Glengarry and started their journey towards being
able to grow and raise their own food and share it with the community.