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WINE & BEER to stay OR to GO!

milk, Bread, eggs & other local products!


The kitchen is the centre of the home.

It is where nourishment is created and provided, and where families and friends across generations create everlasting memories.

Hi, I'm Stacia!

I'm the owner of Essential Kitchen. Thanks so much for dropping by!

The idea for Essential Kitchen began in my family kitchen in a small Ontario town on the shores of the mighty St. Lawrence River. My family kitchen, my grandmother’s kitchen, the kitchens of friends and family… the hub of most homes.

I've spent the past 40 + years in the culinary world in both experience and schooling. A lifetime in kitchens, both personal and professional, is where the passion began, Essential Kitchen Cooking Studio is the culmination of this love.

Why EK?

Essential Kitchen Cooking Studio looks beyond the idea of cooking and food to a revelatory culinary education and experience.

My personal love of entertaining, teaching and sharing good wine is the reason Essential Kitchen exists.

EK Cooking Studio is a way for me to give back to the community which originally nurtured my abiding love and respect for the culinary world.