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In this third in our five part series you will visit the city of Milan! 

*Purchase spots in each of the five classes and receive a 10% discount

What you can expect; First task will be to create gorgeous Milanese Meatballs, little morsels from heaven and while they're cooking you'll make not soon to be forgotten pasta dish with peas, pancetta and pecorino (don't you just love the alliteration:) And of course, because I'm me you know I can't let you sit down to dinner without a great big salad!  First drink's on me!

Tuesday June 4th - DOORS OPEN AT 6PM

$90 + HST (includes dinner & 1 drink - 19+ please)

*tickets on non refundable within 10 days of event

*tickets are transferrable to another person - please let me know if this happens -